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Our Services

  • Design / Consulting

    • Looking to redesign your landscape? You’ve come to the right place if you need professional advice for your landscape.

  • Planting 

    • We source annuals, trees, and shrubs from various suppliers throughout the sunbelt states. We are very competitive ​in pricing for quality plants.

    • Color / Annuals - Requires special attention and changes with the seasons, we provide a service that follows the climates so that your landscape looks outstanding 365 days out of the year.

  • Irrigation - New installation and repairs

    • New installation projects - If you don't have a sprinkler system as a Texas resident, it is highly recommended especially in the summer months. We offer professional installation at a competitive pricing. Want a system you can control from your phone, we can do it. 

    • Repairs can be costly, with us, we will first assess the repairs and then notify you with a estimate on the costs of repairs or a budget solution. We know that not everyone is ready to tackle on costly repairs. 

  • Maintenance 

    • When it comes to keeping your landscape beautiful and well trimmed look no further. We are meticulous in our work and when it comes to landscaping. We offer a on call basis maintenance program where you can reach out to us and we come out. 

    • Routine maintenance - usually a quarterly checkup after seasonal annuals have been installed. This includes fertilizing, pesticides, weed removal, and irrigation check ups. 

  • Pressure Wash Cleaning

    • Need to have your home or driveway cleaned, We usually offer this service when someone needs a whole landscape make over. At the same time we cleanout the gutters to make sure everything falling on the roof is clear. 

  • Stone bordering - New Install and reseating old 

    • Interested in raising your flower beds and making your landscape look grand with stones? We've got you covered. Take a trip to your local stone store and pick out your favorite stones - We install, cut to perfection, and seat the stones. ​

    • Need to reseat your old stones? Over time, with rain and foundation movement, stone bordering tend to fall out of place and will need to be reseated. We use a base to keep the stones foundation in place and then reseat them to give that clean horizon look. 

What we do

We work with a wide range of properties in and around the Houston area. Some of these properties include, but are not limited to, residential homes (including apartments), commercial properties, homeowner associations, and property management companies. We offer a variety of services including planting, mulching, lighting, stone bordering, and even complete re-designing. However, we specialize on design, installation, and maintenance of seasonal flower beds. We pride ourselves in growing our own flowers, meaning we can accommodate to your property to whatever your preference is. Regardless of the amount, variety, or colors – we can do it all!

We do not have the intention of replacing your current landscaper. Instead, we want to focus on our specialty of servicing your annual plants and offering them to you at a lower competitive rate. This designates that your landscaper will continue to maintain your property per usual, but delegates us to maintain any flowers or plants that we have provided.

You may find that landscapers often charge you for replacing annual plants that have died within the first few weeks of planting, but we guarantee that our plants will thrive. We even offer insurance for the first month upon planting as long as proper irrigation systems are in our control.

As a home or property owner, you would call a professional plumber if you had a problem with your drainage rather than your home builders. With the same sense, if you have a problem with your flower beds, we encourage you to call a seasonal flower specialist rather than a general landscaper.

Please feel free to give us a call as we offer free consultations!

Maintenance Program

Routine maintenance is vital to ensure that your seasonal flowers are looking their best and at their fullest potential. We offer a maintenance program for the annual flowers that we plant. With this program, we will personally maintain the flowers throughout its lifespan and ensure that they are free of pests/weeds/diseases, fertilized, and irrigated correctly. Because all plants are different, we are trained to make sure each individual plant is taken care of properly. We basically tend to your flowers for you while you just sit back and enjoy them! 


  • We remove pests, weeds, and dead plants. Dead plants will be replaced free of charge with our maintenance program. 

  • We deadhead plants (remove dead blooms). This ensures that the plant will put its energy into producing new blooms instead of trying to support dying blooms. 

  • We cut back overgrown plants. Plants grow continuously, so they will need to be trimmed aesthetically to look good in the flower bed. 

  • We add fertilizer to make sure plants are receiving sufficient nutrients.

Why We're Different

  • We are a FULLY INSURED company through Hartford Business Service Center. 

  • We work personally with a greenhouse and with the grower, so we can CUSTOMIZE CERTAIN PLANTS TO YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE (Ex: Color). 

  • We have over 8 years of experience with landscaping, and 12 years of experience with flowers.

  • We have EXPERIENCE WITH IRRIGATION PROGRAMMING to prolong the life of flowers. 

  • We consider pests, fungus infections, and amount of watering needed, rather than “just getting the requested job done” and leaving you with the consequences. 

  •  We don’t take shortcuts. (Ex: We will go through the entire process of taking care of the soil when replacing plants instead of just replacing the plants.) 

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